RuneScape player faces around 15 years in prison over currency

  • We're excited about games but this just takes this cake: A RuneScape enthusiast is facing approximately 15 years in prison after an alleged try to force a fellow gamer at hand over 4.7 billion coins.

    According for the New York Post , Humza Bajwa is accused of RuneScape Gold pulling a realistic-looking gun on David Emani inside an attempt to force the transaction. Emani, who has been acting to be a representative for coin-owner Jonathan Dokler, met Bajwa in a very Fordham University classroom and became suspicious when he noticed the $3,300 in cash that Bajwa had consented to pay looked fake.

    Over the product, Emani advised Dokler to cancel the transaction, but Dokler was keen to remain so another meeting was arranged for that following night. With a real $100 bill at your fingertips for comparison, Emani accused Bajwa of OSRS Gold employing fake bills. It was then that Bajwa produced a realistic-looking BB gun. Emani says with the incident, "I couldn't believe I was about to obtain shot over RuneScape! I was so scared I was planning to die."