Teen hacker behind DDOS attacks on Minecraft and Runescape sent

  • Mudd plead guilty to your charge of 'committing unauthorized acts with intent to impair the whole process of computers,' a control of 'making, supplying, or offering to produce an article for usage in an offense contrary on the Computer Misuse Act,' and also a charge of OSRS Gold of concealing criminal property.

    Mudd admitted to doing some with the attacks himself, including ones against his college. According towards the arguments within the case, selling use of Titanium Stresser has never been about the money for Mudd. It was about status inside the online community. The Guardian reports that Mudd's lawyer, Ben Cooper, argued he had been "'lost in the RuneScape Gold alternate reality' after withdrawing from soccer practice because of bullying" and knew what he'd done was wrong, but lacked empathy for his victims. Mudd has autism, and the lawyer argued that she had been "seeking friendships and status in the gaming community."

    Despite the condition, the judge ruled that Mudd, now 20, would serve out a couple year sentence in the young offender institution, saying "“I employ a duty for the public that are worried with this, threatened at this, damaged at this all time."