MapleStory 2 Release Date and New Battle Royale Mode Announced

  • This is a nifty approach to both attracting newcomers and returning players alike, in the meantime maintaining the hype levels for ones sequel and making decent money likewise. Much like its Western counterparts, Nexon is normally offering a Royale Pass, where leveling up in MapleStory 2 Mesos ranks nets players special items, likewise as the premium pass (Gold Royale Pass) gives exclusive stuff that carry over for the main game heats up launches from the fall.

    You can observe the teaser trailer here:

    Is overhit localized? After the Korea launch in November 2017, the Overhit should first arrive at Japan in the year of 2018.

    However, during the year it will be on the market to Buy MS 2 Mesos western players. An exact release date isn't yet known.The high graphical requirements may cause problems for one or other smartphone. Accordingly, Nexon is working on a lower-requirement version to succeed in a larger audience.

    Without the support of Nexon, NAT Games will not have had the resources to make overhit to Europe and America.If you'd like to learn more about Nexon games, read our article on Maplestory 2 Mesos .