Runescape features a new big boss to fight

  • The first new big boss in at least a year has arrived in Runescape. Solak, also called The Guardian from the Lost Grove, is available nowadays to Buy OSRS Gold subscribers to fight, alone or even in groups.

    Developer Jagex said Solak is controlled by an elf spirit, understanding that while there isn't any specific level requirements for taking him on, you should ensure you use a “strong team with high-level combat gear.”

    The best part about it is that there's a couple approaches towards the fight that allow you decide how hard it’s gonna be. You can look at either two-player or group mode, that enables for one to seven players to manage the boss.

    Here are our picks for your absolute best MMORPGs on RuneScape Gold PC.If you’re successful in releasing Solak in the elf spirit, Jagex says you’ll earn some kind of special new crossbows, and you’ll be capable of enlist some in the “creatures on the grove” as pets. Scientific studies have demostrated that pet ownership is linked with healthier blood pressure levels, too, so you’ll desire to start gathering pace for this fight immediately.