⁣A New Trailer for MapleStory’s Update, Big Bang, Has Landed

  • Nexon America has released a completely new trailer for MapleStory‘s upcoming update, Big Bang, that's set just for this December.

    Big Bang will almost certainly Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos be giving players an updated interface, higher resolution, better graphics, new character classes, a much better EXP curve, updated maps, and many more. Take a look using the trailer for Big Bang following a break and get in a position to save Maple World throughout the Black Mage in the update that changes the best way you’ll have a review of MapleStory.

    The title is not merely a typo. This will be happening currently as we speak… well, not in real life with the least, but also in MapleStory. The new update, Stage Three through the MapleStory 2 Mesos Visitors has scientists being abducted by alien visitors throughout Maple World. Check your own video from Nexon America following your break that showcases the Stage Three through the Visitors update for MapleStory.