Madden 19: San Francisco 49ers Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Ch

  • The 49ers receive Madden 19 with many different potential, however are still a long way in the top from the NFL. Can you take this historic franchise back on the Madden NFL Overdrive Coins Super Bowl?

    The San Francisco 49ers were one on the most impressive teams inside league under Jim Harbaugh with the start on the decade. They went 13-3 next year and lost within the NFC Championship game, then in 2012 they went one better, just to lose towards the Baltimore Ravens inside Super Bowl, they made a 3rd straight NFC title game in 2013 but lost to Seattle.


    Since then although team has regressed. They haven’t registered complete season and fell for the foot in the Madden Overdrive Coins NFC West. In 2017, with all the 49ers coming off a 2-14 season, they hired offensive guru Kyle Shanahan as head coach. Later that season they traded for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and so they enter Madden 19 with many different promise and potential on both sides in the ball.