Madden 19’s PC graphics options

  • I’ve been playing Madden 19 non-stop since last Friday, but this won’t become a traditional review. It can’t be; like many PC diehards, I haven’t touched the series in Madden 19 Coins years. Instead, this short article examines Madden 19’s PC port details and initial impressions like a virgin to modern Madden.

    EA’s recommended specs are largely similar, but improve the GPU requirements towards the equivalent of the GeForce GTX 670 or Radeon R9 270X. That level of hardware will match the console experience, EA says, though just like most PC games, ramping the horsepower can push the action even further. I’ve been playing at 4K resolution by using an AMD Ryzen 1800X ($240 on Amazon) plus an EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 ($750 on Amazon) as well as the MUT 19 Coins frame rate usually hovers around 90 fps during around the field action.


    Yes, I said 4K resolution and 90 frames per second. Madden 18 suffered with some frame rate issues for the consoles, but Madden 19 on modern PC hardware doesn’t whatsoever.