Madden 19 Series 4 | Ghosts of Maddens Past MUT Cards 2

  • The level increase entails Ricky Williams is now upgraded from 94 to 96 overall. The free-to-acquire card has seen 57 overall boosts through the Madden season and remains the most beneficial RB amongst players if a player would like to Buy MUT 19 Coins grind correctly.

    At 93 speed, 93 acceleration, 93 spin move and 95 carry, few cards can rival Williams’ across-the-board dominant stats, and his awesome sheer accessibility makes him on the list of top cards currently amongst gamers.

    81 new solos were also released December 14 that will make the grind to level 70 just a little easier. Most of them can be found in the Madden 19 Coins form in the Legend Gauntlet, which can be only unlocked when you hit Level 60.