Record results for Jagex and RuneScape in 2017 2

  • Despite its 14 years of operation, the MMO continues to be profitable and to attract new players - especially since according to Jagex, RuneScape today has a higher number of subscribers (and not just players registered) for RuneScape Mobile Gold seven years. Like what, the MMO may not be as much on the decline as we sometimes imagine.

    Successful, the studio does not intend to stop there: RuneScape must first continue to enrich and decline (especially on mobile platforms from October 30); Next, Jagex's teams are hard at work designing new titles featuring the recipes that make RuneScape a success (its live content), starting with the "MMO next-gen" in development at the studio; and finally, by initiating publishing activities, aimed at exploiting and distributing third-party developer games - Jagex would already have more than a hundred or so projects of greater or lesser scale in RS Mobile Gold this sense. But regardless of the studio's activities, the developer ensures that the RuneScape teams are sanctuary to the extent that the MMORPG is intended to remain the "heart of the solid foundations" of the studio.