Jagex reveal trading card game Chronicle: RuneScape Legends 2

  • There’s without a doubt there’s similarities while using super popular Hearthstone from Blizzard containing done perfectly for them, and after this the large RuneScape community has their own personal online trading card game to use.

    “RuneScape is the foundation for RuneScape Mobile Gold Jagex’s success more than 13 years, and it’s exciting to broaden the brand’s appeal while using compelling quest building gameplay available from Chronicle,” said Phil Mansell, vp of RuneScape. “Chronicle: RuneScape Legends represents a vital step for Jagex once we add a brand new game to the RuneScape family. This announcement tops a robust 2014 where our flagship title has continued to thrive.”

    The game is on account of launch next season on PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile platforms.If you want to buy RS Mobile Gold that you are satisfied with, mmoah is your best choice.