Jagex profit and revenue spike in another record year 3

  • "Our RuneScape games are robust foundations for business with numerous opportunities for even more growth, especially because games transition to Buy RS Gold cross-platform making use of their upcoming mobile releases," Mansell adds. "We've just gone experience pre-order and pre-registration about the App Store and Google Play, in front of an expected launch on 30th October.

    "Just as vital is investment in long-term growth. 2017 saw the primary stages of sustained investments across our current games, new games and strengthening our publishing capabilities and technology, that investments increases for 2018 and beyond. We continue to create our publishing apparatus, so that people have expertise and experience around to launch and sustain multiple titles from the coming years. That's particularly crucial around the introduction of RS Mobile Gold Jagex Partners, when we provide publishing and operational services for live games off their studios.