Madden 19 September title update released

  • A variety of players have had their in-game likenesses updated and EA has added the Signature celebration by Douglas Veney, the Touchdown Dance Challenge winner from MUT 19 Coins EA Play. The update also fixes several Real Player Motion bugs and that is bittersweet because they are usually the problems that lead towards the hilarious clips we see around the Madden subreddit.

    Perhaps by far the most interesting change within the September update is one to your rules in the game. EA has added support with the new NFL Rules point of emphasis, which reads:

        …any ball carrier who dives toward give himself up for the Madden 19 Coins play is going to be ruled down in the spot from the ball in the event the first body part that isn't a hand or foot hits the earth, whether he could be touched with a defender you aren't.