5 New Mobile Game Notable in October

  • Dead Union is built on advanced 3D graphics, every detail in the game is meticulously cared for. The sound effects in Dead Union are also great, zombie images are well designed and creative play modes together exemplify the best of FPS 3D mobile games.

    Players will start the quest through the topmost buttons of the MapleStory 2 Mesos screen, removing all the zombies. Early in the game, players will familiarize themselves with the basic guidelines of Dead Union. Dead Union offers a number of areas of combat with a strong, fast and powerful storyline, so each level not only comes with zombies but also different contexts to make the game experience richer.

    In Dead Union, the operations are quite simple; Just drag the left hand side to move your body and move right to your vision. Using the buttons on the right, the player can shoot the gun and click the aiming icon to get a more accurate shot. The top right buttons allow you to Buy MS2 Mesos switch weapons.