A complete guide to the Dungeon features in MapleStory M 2

  • Elite Dungeon is an add-on that gamers can farm to focus on finding items. Only split into two types are common and difficult, Elite Dungeon bosses are hierarchical with level along the journey to the level of the player.

    Unlike the two dungeons, the Mini Dungeon only allows the player to Buy Maplestory M Mesos clash with various levels of monsters on the left side. And players can choose monster train time as well as purchase buffs to complete easier.

    MU Lung Dojo is a pretty special addition to the game when the player is forced to complete the levels and the reward will be Mu Lung Coins. This is also dungeon dung according to rank. Corresponding to each rank is the player will earn a variety of rewards.

    Nett's Pyramid is an add-on for gamers to clash with Elite Pharaoh Mummy. The task of the gamer is to protect the Obelisk to gain experience and special types of Maplestory M mesos SEA accessories. This is a great dungeon for EXP and Ring + Cape

    Star Force Field is a special add-on that requires players to have enough stars to participate in designated battles. In addition, the Dungeon also offers a level of hints that players will know before they join.