RPG platform slasher Swordigo slicing its way onto iOS tomorrow

  • Swordigo isn't first time both distinct genres of role-playing and platforming have met before on iOS (see MapleStory and Illusia for a few precedents), even so the RPG / platformer hybrid isn't the most common of mash-ups inside gaming world.

    And that's surprising, because Swordigo seems as if it could be rather good fun, along with your character leaping, bounding, and - yes - slashing his way through monsters, levelling-up, and finding items that to Buy Maplestory M mesos SEA and defeat large boss characters.

    There's a normal selection of environments to understand more about, including dark caves and brightly coloured grassland - all dynamically lit with regard to added visual sheen.

    In addition, the controls are customisable, that will help alleviate the precision conditions that tend to plague touchscreen platformers.

    Swordigo has gone out now in Maplestory M Mesos and New Zealand, meaning it's going to be leaping into the UK and US App Stores from midnight at some point, priced £1.49 / $1.99