Nexon CEO’s progress directory westward migration

  • Nexon CEO’s progress directory westward migration — as well as the dirty secret on game quality

    GamesBeat: I wrote a little about it. I’ve been playing it the complete time. Now that it’s out, I do wonder that which you mean as to what Nexon may be able to add to your free-to-play style. Is there something that’s more of your trademark from the Maplestory M Mesos ?

    Mahoney: On a game title of that style, there’s stuff we’ve already released and stuff that’s approaching. The core questions are, “Where will be the game?” and “Is the action fun to experience?” My feeling is, when I’m playing the overall game, I sense that I’m playing an authentic game. One of definitely the games in recent history is Civilization, particularly Civ II and Civ V. The idea that you’re in the historical universe, playing and progressing your society as time passes, is a thing that should come out in the game, if it can be a game.

    One in the challenges folks have had after a while, especially within the West, is the fact that you sometimes ask where the experience is. I get that this is often a place, an activity, but I’m really asking where the experience is. What I like about DomiNations, there’s actually a sport there. When you achieve that, then you may decide as time passes, in very subtle ways, the way you boost retention. There’s one thousand small issues that go into . Hitting that line is the location where the art lies. There are things we've got out now and things we’re planning to bring out in the coming months that assist to boost that feeling. We believe that’s how we needs to be judged.
    DomiNations has army on army combat.