Microsoft Unlikely To Make Its Own Battle Royale Game, Xbox Bos

  • Don't expect Microsoft for making its own Battle Royale game. That's in accordance with Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who said on Twitter soon that he realizes that while Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG are massive, none of Microsoft's studios can make their own. That is, unless they're able to come up with an intriguing idea for how for making something compelling."Millions are playing [Battle Royale] games at the moment. I don't want to just build one because others have built them," he explained. "[Fornite: Battle Royale] is huge, PUBG is large, new [Battle Royale] variants being built by some very quality devs, I'd rather support unless look for something special in Fortnite Skins which is a different take."Millions are playing BR games today.


    I don't want to just build one because others have built them. FNBR is huge, PUBG is very large, new BR variants being built by some very quality devs, I'd rather support unless we look for something special in 1P it really is a different take.  — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) April 29, 2018Spencer's comments apparently suggest that none of Microsoft's studios will create a brand new, standalone Battle Royale game.


    But this leaves open the likelihood for an exisiting Microsoft game to feature a Battle Royale mode or for a brand new game, like Halo 6, to add one. Nothing is confirmed at this point, this indicates.It makes sense that Microsoft may not be all that serious about making its very own Battle Royale game given its exclusive partnership while using team behind PUBG. If Microsoft were that will put out its very own Battle Royale game, it might theoretically tackle PUBG, knowning that's not likely something Microsoft desires to do.Microsoft's stance sounds just like that of Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two.


    Take-Two president Strauss Zelnick said the achievements Battle Royale games continues to be "really interesting" to discover. However, he said which he wants his company's labels--Rockstar Games and 2K Games--to blaze their very own trail as an alternative to being "derivative" by following within the footsteps of a thing that came before it. "Titles, even excellent titles which are derivative, never manage to do together with innovations which are unexpected," Zelnick said at that time.Electronic Arts also has weighed in around the Battle Royale phenomenon. CEO Andrew Wilson said in January that games like PUBG and Fortnite have changed how people take into consideration shooter games. However, EA wants to produce something new."


    Given that individuals have some on the best shooters inside the marketplace, you would possibly expect that any of us're also considering new and innovative solutions to play," Wilson said. "And that does not mean just sort of [making] PUBG replicas in the Battlefield universe, nevertheless it does mean that the Battlefield teams--and I talked slightly about this within the prepared remarks--are considering how they innovate in every single aspect in the game, including core gameplay and map design."In PUBG, Fortnite Traps, and also other Battle Royale games, players are dropped into an atmosphere and compete until just one is left standing. It's basically like The Hunger Games.


    With E3 right on the horizon, it will probably be interesting to find out if any new Battle Royale games get announced or if existing games announce Battle Royale modes. E3 occurs in early June, so that it won't be long until we get more information.