EA's FIFA Acquires MLS License

  • Late this morning, Electronic Arts hammered out of the final details of an four-year licensing agreement with Major League Soccer (MLS), the North American arm in the sport. This licensing deal gives EA the exclusive rights to utilize any MLS team, player and/or logo in a lot of upcoming titles. As in the time this story traveled to press, the sole announced game make use of the MLS license was FIFA 2000.   

    "MLS is excited to partner with EA Sports and stay a portion of their award-winning FIFA Soccer combination of interactive soccer games," said MLS VP of consumer products Richard Law. "We anticipate bringing MLS stars for instance Eddie Pope in to the homes of the FIFA 19 Coins ."  

    Through this licensing agreement, EA hopes to provide FIFA 2000 a North American feel, as previous FIFA titles have featured international teams and players. EA begins motion-capturing player moves later this month for  D.C. United's Eddie Pope. As an MLS player himself, Pope may also have a prominent role in Cheap FUT 19 Coins 's North American advertising, marketing and PR campaign.   

    FIFA 2000 is scheduled to ship for that PC and PlayStation this fall.