Fortnite Server Issues Impacting Matchmaking, Logins

  • Although we aren't getting the modern Fortnite content that had been expected today, some players are experiencing trouble even playing the previous game. Epic has confirmed that some server issues have fallen up, though we don't discover how soon they could be fixed. [Update: Epic now says the issues have been resolved, so you ought to have no problem jumping in. There's no word yet on Fortnite Skins when patch 3.3 will probably be released.]

    "We're aware some players are still experiencing matchmaking and login issues," Epic said within a tweet. "We're investigating this and definately will update you after we have additional information." It echoed the identical sentiment for the Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit, however it didn't offer any other details on what is going on.

    Players today have reported trouble logging into sites, while other people encounter issues gets hotter comes time to really find a match or join a celebration with friends. For an online-only game, what a serious problem, the way it might render the experience unplayable for those affected. We'll report back as Epic shares details.

    Earlier soon, Epic announced that a different update, patch 3.3, can be released today, March 14, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Not long after, it delayed the patch's rollout, saying it had encountered unspecified issues. We don't know everything to Buy Fortnite Skins and expect on the update, nonetheless it will include new Supply Llamas in Battle Royale, possibly in addition towards the recently revealed remote explosives. Jetpacks, meanwhile, are seemingly not inside cards as of this time. The delay does, however, mean you might have more time to learn the limited-time Teams of 20 mode seen inside video above.