Everything you should know about the sailing knife

  • If you went for sailing, on a yacht or on a boat, on your belt there must be a knife! And not just because you can fall overboard, tangled in the ropes. There exist numerous other reasons for this type of great tool, and you will get persuaded that it's true. Good sailing knife is indispensable in lots of situations. And one day it might save your life!

    It is essential to opt for a small knife with 3-4 blades made of stainless steel or cobalt. All parts of the knife should be of the same material, since they're probably less susceptible to corrosion and rust. The few blades are tested to maintain sharpness. But still, it is important to find a knife, preserving the sharpness of the blade even when cutting hard fibers. You can find high quality sailing knives on reputable suppliers.

    For yachts you can possess a knife, equipped at the side part with a retractable metal spike. This spike is helpful to open up or tighten the shackle pin or lift the cover on the painting box and other containers. Some sailors prefer a folding knife. Others have a knife with a straight blade. Folding knives require two hands to open or close them; a knife with a straight blade is prepared for use immediately after the occurrence of an unexpected emergency.

    Sailing knife should have a long cord, to return the knife, when it falls. And we need to make the cord as long as possible. The cord needs to be linked to the scabbard and the knife itself. You must have a knife throughout the whole sailing voyage, even when the vessel is at anchor or at berth.

    When a sailing knife is needed?

    You can apply it for smooth cutting rope or fabric.

    Cut off the jammed tackle. It occurs that the sheet or halyard "stuck" in the winch, and if you have time, you can utilize different techniques to free the tackle, but if it happens in an emergency situation, it is necessary to quickly chop off the end and remove the tension from the sail.

    The waters are now full of floating debris. A sharp sailing knife can assist to correct the situation in case there exists a blockage

    In the sailing sport, you can see now more instances when a person is under the overturned boat or catamaran. If having a knife, chances of survival are increased.

    You can simply protect yourself for possible attacks or emergency situations.

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