Do you know the salary in Cybersecurity?

  • A cybersecurity expert's salary varies depending on many factors. A junior coach starts charging 30,000 euros, and one with some experience can be around 45,000. This is the remuneration in the buoyant security sector, so fashionable right now. Digital transformation in the world and specifically in companies is a fact and a necessity. But this digitization is intrinsically linked to digital security.


    The market requires professionals that digitally transform companies and projects. However, you need more urgently qualified personnel to safeguard the investments of those campaigns. In spite of everything, the reality is that expert cybersecurity profiles are still in short supply. Maybe that's why they are so valued.


    Cybersecurity expert, the upward profession that professionals need

    The Cybersecurity Expert is an IT professional who is responsible for the protection of information assets. It does so through treatment and threat prevention. That puts at risk the information that is processed and stored in the systems. That is, he is an expert in Computer Security.


    This professional should also be responsible for ensuring the privacy of companies. Through the design and planning of strategies, it must prevent cyberattacks and train employees to avoid practices that may affect the company's computer security.



    An expert must have training in Computer Science. Data management, knowledge of norms regarding security incidents and the ability to develop computer security projects. Therefore, you can work in IT departments of all types of companies, or as an external advisor creating specific plans and strategies.

    Currently, this job profile is very required by companies. However, their need has been so sudden and recent that qualified professionals are still in short supply. For this reason, they are so valued and that is reflected in the salary of an expert in Cybersecurity.


    cyber security salary 2019


    The average salary of a computer network technologist may vary depending on his experience and the size of the company for which he is providing services. A trainee at the beginning of his career will earn just over R $ 2,000 per month, working in a small company. The salary of a master-level specialist in a large corporation may exceed R $ 8,600 per month.