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  • Beijing early morning of July 11th,eurotiivi, according to media reports,hoodhoneys, the Houston rockets today summer league, their first game in Las Vegas Summer League game with the warriors, eventually the Rockets to a 73-69 win,billmies, made a good start.

    The game the Rockets sent by James - White,janineclipson, Marty - ning Lun, Joey - more than the west,brightacces, Brad Newley and Conroy formed the lineup.

    White in the game play the rocket main scorers role, played 24 minutes, 7 throw in 3, foul penalty 8 7 had 14 points and 5 rebounds; many of the West in the game played the role of rebounder,chambrette, he played played 24 and a half minutes,ambere, the catch 12 rebounds,gurusselling, and 8 points and 2 assists.

    In addition,paarfleece, Marty - ning Lun scored 9 points and 7 rebounds, the Rockets rookie Budinger scored 11 points and 5 rebounds.

    In the first game,joieinspirit, the Rockets have been playing more passive opening, most when they even behind rival by 9 points,envisecoaching, until the first 1 minutes left in the game many times, the Rockets after efforts to score counter-ultra.

    In the first game, Randolph for the warriors scored 12 points,thedellhouse, while White and Conroy in the first game for the Rockets to contribute 5 points respectively.

    In second day game,daycode, the Rockets basic control on the field the situation, to further expand their lead,marcheforyou, when most established 10 point lead,bambinoaadvertising, at the end of the first half,trainingsun, the Rockets leading the warriors 8.

    The warriors in the second half,gogreenwithnational, launched a counterattack,intlwsd, wave after wave of offensive Rockets played some down, they gradually the score counter-ultra,tracypierce, up to even 9 points ahead,greenworldhealth, but the Rockets in the third period to organize the effective attack,masmarketingweb, in the end of the third quarter will divide the difference to reduce to 1 points.

    The fourth competition both sides into the white-hot competition stage,bokehlanephotography, be well-matched in strength of both sides played be inextricably involved,respekwear, at a distance of the end of the game with 4 minutes left,gozneylabs, many west attack in which a ball,teplosvit, the Rockets let achieved a leading position, then both sides compete while still very intense,noslumleftbehind, but the Rockets have been kept the lead,ppierun, until the last to 73-69 win.

    The game showed excellent Rockets forward James White in his post-match media interview said: we have a lot of new team,robindegroot, we the people there are a lot of people not previously played basketball together,pueve, so we are side play side running in chemical reaction.

    With the depth of the game,richfischer, we are becoming better and better, this is a great victory, I l.