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    You are likely to require a  update partner with this one. Essentially, it is a dance-off between another individual and you, complete with a scoreboard. As you will both get credit for this particular week two challenge it does not matter who wins off the dance. With that done, you are going to complete this challenge and we could move onto the final one.


    This one is another difficult challenge which you have to finish. Basically, you will need to kill an opponent anywhere on the map. For those who don't understand the metric system, that is approximately 164 feet away. Thus, how does that translate into the match? Well, each building piece like a ramp is around five meters in length.


    You need to kill somebody who is  Maplestory 2 Mesos about 10 building pieces. Since they have to be a fantastic distance off, short-range weapons like shotguns, SMG's, and such are not recommended in any way. Your best bet is to use weapons such as assault rifles or, better yet, a sniper rifle to get good mid to long-range. Again, we recommend playing this at Team Rumble so that you get loads of chances.


    Every one of the seven challenges this week will grant you a reward of some fashion. Each one of them will give you five to 10 Battle Stars and will bring you nearer to that enviable tier 100 for the season. In total, you will get 40 Battle Stars if you complete each one these challenges that are sufficient to guarantee at least four grade level ups. Additionally, if you finish four of the seven challenges, you'll get 5,000 experience points.