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    You can change its size by dragging the corner, or perhaps its transparency.If you hold Tab, the minimap is going to be enlarged to demonstrate the whole map.In the middle is you! You will understand your character's name and over yourself, and your guild if you are in one.Below is your main UI of the game.On the left is that the chat.It has different colors for various chats (all, party, friends, guild, etc) and also you are able to create chatrooms with particular people as well. Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM


    There's also a button for simple access of lively motions (see below).You can also change to the Battle tab to remove all messages except things such as experience/items gained.Next into the chat is exactly what you will look at the most, it has your hotkeys, as well as your own HP, SP, and EP.In MapleStory 2, there is not any such thing as MP, it is replaced with SP which is constantly at 100 for everybody, it never increases.


    Many skills will consume this SP but that will be regenerated by some, and that means you are going to have to combine abilities to battle effectively. EP is used. EP heals faster over time than HP or SP.The first icon is to get character details. Here, you can see/change your profile image (including uploading something in the personal computer ), in addition to your class and level, guild, and a message you'll be able to share with others.Below are the equipment (talked about later), as well as your stats (damage, defense, STR, DEX, INT LUK).


    On the side is a detailed collection of  maplestory m buy mesos  all stats (and I mean detailed), it is possible to toggle it on or off. In MapleStory 2, you don't get stats to assign, they're automatically assigned as you level up.The items window appears like this, in the bottom it lets you drop mesos, auto arrange, or change your thing auto loot settings (unlocked through the Trophy system). It is split into three tabs.