MMOGO is working for supply full stock Maplestory M Mesos

  • But since this is the  good price internet, we can't just have something. According to a recent report from Kotaku, the cutesy free-to-play title has been stricken with a rash of offensive and improper custom made item layouts.The nice people at Nexon state that they"actively track the Design Shop for offensive substance as well as possess a reporting system."According to Kotaku, it doesn't take much searching to discover a wide variety of controversial custom layouts, including clothes and vehicles bearing designs that include President Trump's likeness, white-nationalist slogans, as well as"pornographic pictures of genres."


    They dedicated to doing so. They need players to have some fucking agency and I LOVE that idea; it is absolutely phenomenal that they have decided to proceed with allowing this type of thing, understanding that TTP as a whole concept is a real thing. These sorts of services authorities themselves -surprisingly- well using a record system that is enough, and I believe player bureau is underserved as a thing that's cool about MMOs.


    Even though the folks at Nexon are probably still recovering following the launch of MapleStory 2 -- which has already garnered more than a million accounts downloads over its first week, according to a recent press release -- they're definitely not resting on their laurels, as this week heralds the arrival of the game's Halloween events.The centerpiece of the Halloween festivities is a brand new questline"made specifically for the new worldwide service."


    Focusing on the Mon  mesos maple story m Bloody Chouchou Hotel, which is unquestionably an entirely normal, not-haunted hotel that definitely doesn't have a dark past or mysterious secrets for players to uncover.Over the course of the event, players may also be able to amass Pumpkin Coins, which can be exchanged at the special Halloween-event store for seasonal items such as home decorations, masks, along with a skeletal horse-and-cart pet.