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  • Suggested change: Lower cooldown, be in a position to heal while not having to hit on a boss/mob and reduce delay and mana price.With the debut of attacks from bosses only doing mended harm or percent HP strikes this ability became quickly obsolete. Kanna has no defense against such attacks, where a lot of other classes have HP protection skills or skills giving iframes, which makes you able to ignore damage for a short while.


    By making this barrier perform on HP attacks as suggested in the post above I feel this ability can once more florish! In the first days of Kanna, 2 bind abilities where very convenient and you were able to pile them up giving additional bind duration. With the release of 5th job you can no longer pile binds and a bind skill has been introduced as ordinary ability from a node. Another issue with this skill is that when you throw it, you are unable to move for approximately 3s making you vunerable for strikes, frequently at


    Magnus you get hit by one of its meteors and you departure. So there are 2 options for this skill, keep it as it is and add an iframe effect to the skill while casting this particular skill. Another option is repleacing this ability completely to get a new attacking ability you'll be able to trigger once every 10 minutes.It might not offer native macOS support, but there's a way to play MapleStory in your Mac - here's how.


    MapleStory shot to fame as  mesos maplestory 2  it premiered back in the early 2000s, and despite the game being out for quite some time, it features a huge fan base. The 2D side-scrolling MMOgo transports players to the Maple World together with the aim of defeating monsters and developing their characters skills and skills. Sounds great, right? Mac players wouldn't know, as the match hasn't officially supported macOS/Mac OS X.