Are FaZe moving to Rocket League?

  • If you’ve been keeping track of Twitter recently, then we have seen no shortage of FaZe drama! But using a slightly more positive note to the professional organization, you can find rumors brewing that they're going to be entering the RL Items esports scene from a pro player let something slip on their social media marketing.

    Danish pro player Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic, currently playing for European team Triple Trouble, tweeted recently that he was trying to represent a fresh organization. This is really common, especially as being the RLCS Season 7 recently come to an end.

    Just five days later, Ronaky organizes a tweet with just the hashtag “#FaZeUp”, an icon hashtag utilized by both players and fans from the team. This, while using pretext to be on the hunt of a whole new organization to represent, generally point people to a team announcement. This has caused a good stir within the EU Buy RL Items community, with fans anticipating FaZe to announce a roster before RLCS Season 8.

    Shortly after being posted, the tweet was quickly deleted, fuelling conspiracy theorists to concentrate that FaZe are waiting for making the announcement themselves from the coming weeks. We’ll be keeping track of FaZe in the lead up to the subsequent season, as it might definitely change the EU ladder if they’re investing heavily.

    The current EU ladder is very closely matched, with Vitality currently holding the highest spot prior to FC Barcelona and PSG Esports.

    Rocket League has always had a really passionate community. With the media and community attention that FaZe brings with him or her to esports titles, they enter, produce your own. that it will just bring more care about the game and conserve the community.