Epic Games acquires Rocket League dev Psyonix

  • The Rocket League Alliance Psyonix team announced today that they have been acquired by Epic Games. Even so, the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    The deal is expected to be completed this month or early next year, when Epic should have a more popular and enduring multiplayer game to use its recent history.

    However, although the time before the  really included Epic's new storefront; in the FAQ post posted on the news, Psyonix described: "Ultimately, we can't develop games ourselves. Previously we planned at Epic Games. The store uses a new relationship for the Rocket League Alliance."

    When the Rocket League Items did come to the Epic Games store (end of 2019, according to the press release), it might no longer be positioned on Steam, although Epic claimed that Psyonix continued to support the game on Steam for each owner. .

    This new relationship is not a huge surprise, as the two sides have been working together for several years (most Psyonix games are Unreal Engines), and Psyonix has previously partnered with Epic's stakeholder Tencent to apply for a free trial of the Rocket League Chinese League Edition. .

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    “Since the start of the Unreal Tournament, we have just worked closely with Epic, and now we have survived like an excited partner, so overall strength is a good idea in many ways,” Psyonix founder Dave Hagewood confirmed the press release internally. Pen transaction. “The potential for us to learn and communicate easily to each other makes us look forward to the future.”

    Psyonix said it also hopes to continue to expand its operations at its headquarters in San Diego, which currently has 132 employees.