Rocket Alliance 2019 Summer Roadmap | Upgrade Package, Party Sy


    The Rockets will get a brand new project: XP Level-Up Pack. XP Level-Up Pack has introduced to help players spend almost all their accumulated Rocket League Keys event currency. In fact, the XP Level-Up Pack will go into the Rockets within its next planned in-game campaign.

    According for the official Rocket Alliance 2019 map, the following game will become in June. This should be the biggest rocket league event ever. We should be competent to buy more items than any other time at the event store, such as XP Level-Up Pack.

    Rocket League XP Level-Up Pack is the latest project that can help you spend your entire accumulated event currency (as described above). Buy Rocket League Keys will award ten level points for a Rocket Pass. This actually means investing in a Level-Up Pack will change your Rocket Pass. Unfortunately, it's not at all currently known the amount event currency XP Level-Up Packs will surely cost. What we know is exciting new projects continues in your next game in June this current year.