Madden NFL 11: Satisfying the hardcore and casual markets

  • When I sat down with Ian Cummings, the creative director of Madden NFL 11, at an EA Sports press event in New York City last week, I asked him about the focus of this year’s game. The first thing out of his mouth was the game’s tagline: “Simpler. Quicker. Deeper.” Cummings explained that the development team at EA Tiburon Madden Overdrive Coins pulled data from all the games of Madden NFL 10 that users played, and discovered some “alarming” statistics: namely, that the average game took more than 60 minutes to complete.
    Of course, if you’ve played a game of Madden in the past decade, you already know that -- and chances are you’ve simply accepted it as a fact of life. This year, though, EA Tiburon has managed to slice that time in half by simplifying Madden Overdrive Coins for sale a major, time-consuming element of the game: playcalling. But how do you pull off such a feat without dumbing the game down for the legions of Madden enthusiasts who memorize their favorite teams’ playbooks?