Madden 2000 Review

  • Madden 2000 may be the latest inside long and seemingly never-ending number of sports games that EA churns out for each platform on the market (well, except the Dreamcast). In its latest effort for that Game Boy Color, the wizards at THQ and Tiertex have were able to squeeze almost each of the cool features in to the Game Madden Overdrive Coins Boy. It's an amazing feat, really.
    As you are able to on the home systems, you are able to choose from any in the current NFL teams and place up your own personal seasons, playoffs, exhibition games, and also sudden-death matches, where the very first team to gain wins. The depth and awareness of detail that are already present in many in the previous Madden Overdrive Coins for sale titles are here too: You can call audibles, substitute players, fake field goals, reverse plays, to make onside kicks. Controlling the players is usually a snap: The two buttons handle anything from choosing receivers to cooking diving catches, and it also's all done intuitively. You could also adjust game a serious amounts of weather - a sudden-death match inside cold winter snow is good to get a laugh.