Crystin Cox Talks Legends

    Legends is absolutely an enormous update for MapleStory that includes a big affect on all players. While the biggest news may very well be the three new classes, Legends also brings concerning this over 20 in game events to celebrate Legends MapleStory 2 Mesos combined with great year we have been around in 2011. Events add simple, around the silly, to hardcore challenges for dedicated Maplers only; there will be something for everyone.
    Additionally, Legends moves inside the story inside Black Mage along with all the legendary heroes that fought him generations ago. Players anxious for getting out more in regards to the inevitable confrontation ahead will need to login to get out the modern characters.
    Legends offers result-oriented classes with the game, can you tell us with regards to your Demon Slayer?
    Crystin Cox:
    The Demon Slayer may be a almost anti-hero having a dark past seeking redemption. He was every high ranking member with the many Black Mage's army the great news is he brings his dark powers using the Resistance in Edelstein.
    The Demon Slayer are in a position to Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos do high damage with blunt weapons and boasts a special shield on the market to this class. The class comes which has a large volume of utility powers which will make use on the Demon Slayer's class specific power source Demon Fury. The Demon Slayer generally is a great asset to any group regarding his capacity to weaken enemies and do superb difficulties for enemies set with defense.