Summer Updates to Introduce a New Character Named 'Ark'

  • Over the course when using the summer, MapleStory will be receiving several updates that can bring modern day character, Ark, with the game. In addition, players may get to find "multiple new worlds and features". Ark is destined to MS2 Mesos get introduced to the sport together with each of the June 27th update and pre-creation for your character is live so players can hit the entire world running.
    This week, MapleStory was updated to feature new events and features including:
            The V Care patch enhances the 5th job experience. Game improvements help players take advantage inside 5th job by completing daily quests faster with decreased requirement times and fewer stages.
            New episode! Shadow Alchemist, your fifth episode from your Grand Athenaeum theme dungeon, is released. Players Buy MS2 Mesos who complete the sport will earn a certain medal.
            New Discovery events! New events for instance Discovery Desert, Discovery Field and Discovery Polar are open let's target players to earn more Ark Coins.