9 best Flixtor alternatives: Get FREE movies, Series and TV

  • Unfortunately, it is official: Flixtor is no longer operational, and there is no scheduled date for its return.

    Under extreme pressure from the film industry, one of our favorite free streaming movies and TV services has been removed from the web. If you have recently visited a website that advertised as Flixtor, you should continue reading as you are putting yourself in danger.

    Dozens of new websites have appeared claiming to be “the new Flixtor,” but all are false and unsafe. The developers of Flixtor confirmed in a public statement that any website that claims to be a new version of the service is a fraud.

    What can you do while Flixtor is not available?

    Fortunately, there are safe alternatives to Flixtor, so you can still tune in to your dose of TV and movies.

    We constantly monitor streaming websites to find the best services available and help you stay well away from websites that could distribute malware or appropriate your browser. Below we share some of our favorite alternatives to flixtor.

    But first a quick note about your online security: If you download movie torrents or watch streaming videos on a free web site on the Internet, we strongly recommend using a VPN.

    By staying anonymous, a VPN can protect you from legal problems if the website you use has not obtained the distribution rights for the movies you watch. For this reason, we will also recommend the best VPNs to use for free streaming websites.